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All Computer Labs, Meeting Rooms, and Study Rooms are Open for Walk-Up Use

To reserve a space in advance visit our reservation portal

For current reservations see calendar below

24 Hour Lab = Blue   |   Deubach Lab = Gray
Room 040 = Orange   |   IDEA-U = Green   |   York Reading Room = Yellow
Room 029 = Red   |   Room 248 = Purple   |   Room 250 = Burgundy   |   Study Rooms = Lavender

Organizations and Clubs Semester Reservation Policy
Space Usage Guidelines

What Space Works Best for Me?

24 Hour Computer Lab

A truly multipurpose space capable of seating 32 split among pods of 4, the 24-Hour Computer Lab features both a north and south projector capable of being operated independently. There is also plenty of whiteboard space, a Blu-Ray player, VCR, 22 computers, and plenty of connections to make sharing ideas easy.

Device Casting Available

Location: Ground Floor East, next to the front entrance

Room 040

Room 040 is perfect for smaller meetings and collaborations. The space features a modular table set that can accommodate up to ten, a large whiteboard, and a massive touchscreen panel.

Device Casting Available

Location: Ground Floor East, on the corner directly across from the bathrooms

Deubach Lab

The Deubach Lab is the secondary computer lab in the library with room for up to 30 students (18 desktop computers, 12 open spaces for laptops) plus an instructor’s station. Features include a projector and a movable whiteboard.

Device casting is available

Location: Ground Floor East, door on the left just past the turn to Ground Floor West

Room 029

Also known as the Media Viewing Room, Room 029 has seating for six at its tables and features three TVs connected to a VCR, DVD Player, and computer.

Device Casting Available

Location: Ground Floor East, in the back corner between NicMedia and the Deubach Room


IDEA-U is the ultimate collaboration space. With two whole walls of whiteboard space, easy to move furniture, a projector, and lots of space there are few limits to what you can do in here.

Device Casting Available

Location: Ground Floor East, glass room to the right of NicMedia

York Reading Room

The York Reading Room provides a space for a class, several smaller collaboration groups, or many individuals to work within easy access to the Nicholson Library’s stacks collection.

Projector and Screen can be setup upon request

Location: 1st Floor, double doors next to catalog computer

Room 248

Room 248 is a larger room and an excellent choice for groups or clubs who need space to work on big projects with several long tables that can be combined or split. There is a good-sized whiteboard for groups to use for.

Location: Second Floor, next to the main stairs

Room 250

With a long meeting table this room is excellent for discussions, debates, and meetings. Also in this room are lockers for clubs to reserve and a large whiteboard.

Wired Display Available

Location: Second Floor, second room west of the stairs

Study Rooms

Rooms 101, 104, 251, 252, 253

Cozy study rooms with seating for up to four and a small whiteboard.
Locations: First Floor- next to the elevator and stairs, Second Floor- next to and east of the stairs

Room 106

This room is designed for smaller groups looking for a place to study, with a decent sized whiteboard and rectangular table.
Location: First Floor, behind the elevator

If you would like to reserve the Scholars' Nest Classroom, contact the Honor's Program