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Equity Grant Information

DEADLINE: The deadline for submissions is November 9, 2018 at 5:00pm.

Reasons to Apply

  • A new program, course, or endeavor requiring collection development over an extended period of time
  • In support of a short-term, unique, or experimental approach to programs, courses, or teaching methods
  • To prepare or strengthen a discipline or department for accreditation expectations
  • To develop areas of identifiable weakness in the Library's collection
  • To obtain interdisciplinary, cross-disciplinary, subject-related and/or course-related titles that may tend to "fall between the cracks" or otherwise go un-requested.
  • To acquire a major set or series of specific titles

Nature of Funding

Equity Grant funds are awarded on a competitive basis. Items acquired via the Equity Grant program will physically reside in the Nicholson Library.

There is no minimum or maximum amount that may be proposed or awarded. Approximately $3,000 ($2,000 toward book purchase; $1,000 toward DVD purchase) is available for award to all proposals. Individual awards will be dependent upon the number of proposals received and the dollar amounts of those requests. Awards of $1,000 are not without precedent.

Awarding of Funds

The Library Director will present and recommend the requests to a special subcommittee of the Library Advisory Committee for final evaluation and selection.

Each request will be considered in relation to the nature and timeliness of the proposal; careful attention will be given to:

  • Identification, delineation, and coordination of focus and scope of the undertaking
  • Objectives of the proposal
  • Department's previous history of Equity Grant awards may be taken into account

Application Procedures

All requests must be submitted in writing, using the standardized application form found at this link. You may choose to have a copy of your responses emailed to you.

Respond to each section of the application in a concise, but thorough, manner.

Proposals must substantiate a demonstrable need. The following list represents (but is not limited to) ways in which a need may be substantiated:

  • The establishment of a new or restructured program or course
  • The initiation of a new teaching style, approach, or emphasis
  • Students voice a difficulty in meeting assignments or in completing research
  • Quality of student papers and/or presentations
  • Student interests
  • Checking and reviewing of reliable sources and/or bibliographies and lists against the library's holdings

The proposal must be accompanied by a list of bibliographic citations (author, title, publisher, publishing date, and cost) that have been identified as partially or wholly meeting the needs outlined in the proposal. Click the below button for the Equity Grant Request Form.