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The NicMedia area of the library offers resources such as scanning and high-quality prints; lamination and binding; and digital video and audio editing equipment. Services available in NicMedia include media duplication and wide-format poster printing.


Where is NicMedia?

NicMedia is located on the ground floor of the Nicholson Library. Once you enter the library, head straight back and you will see NicMedia.

What resources and services are available in NicMedia?

The NicMedia area of the library offers resources such as scanning and high-quality prints; lamination and binding; media playback; and digital video and audio editing equipment. Services available in NicMedia include media duplication and wide-format poster printing.

How do I print a poster?

NicMedia's wide format printers are not self-service machines. To submit a print request, please contact Jared Hutchens. Please include the following information in your email: paper type, the desired size of you print, how many copies, and an applicable budget number or indication of cash/check payment. While we will try our best to upscale and resize files as necessary, it is advised and encouraged to send properly sized files for the best results.

The total price for each poster includes a charge for ink per square foot of print area, $1.30 for non-adhesive materials or $1.40 for adhesive backed materials, and a charge per square foot of paper used, which varies based on material type. Below you will find a current list of material options available in NicMedia.


Wide Format Paper Types
Paper Type Price/ft²
Bond 10¢
Satin Photo 60¢
Matte Photo 50¢
Self Adhesive Poly 70¢
Photo Tex $1.30
Clear Film $1.30

If you are preparing to print for Scholar's Day or another event, check out the presentation poster page for more information.

Can I fax from the library?

Yes! You are able to send faxes from the library, but are unable to receive faxes. Remember to prefix 9 and the country code (1 for the US) to the ten digit fax number. Payment cannot be done through student printing accounts or by Raven Dollars. Below is the pricing for sending a fax.

Fax Pricing
  First Page Additional Pages
Local 50¢ No charge
Long Distance $1.00 15¢
International $2.00 15¢
Does NicMedia have any binding/finishing products?

We have several types of binding/finishing material, available to purchase at the Library Tech Assistant window, to help make your project stand out. We have comb and spiral binders, along with glue binding strips. Covers are available for purchase as well as the option laminate your project. Below is a list of prices.

All machines are self-service, but a Library Tech Assistant will be happy to help you with the machines.


Binding/Finishing Prices
Comb Binders  
  ¼" - ⅝" 35¢
  ¾" - 1¼" 50¢
  1½" - 2" 75¢
Spiral Binders  
  10mm (75 pages) 50¢
  12mm (100 pages) 50¢
  23mm (200 pages) 75¢
Presentation Covers $1.00
Lamination 30¢/ft
How can I view audio/video materials in the Library?

In NicMedia there are plenty of options to by which to view media items in the Library. For visual media there are several televisions with DVD players and VCRs connected alongside a microform viewer and PCs. Additionally, you can find a Blu-ray in the 24 Hour Lab for disc playback. For audio media there are CD players, cassette players, record players, and reel-to-reel machines. If you want to get together with a few people from your class, we even have a group viewing room.

What options do the multi-purpose copiers provide?

The multi-purpose copiers allow you to print, copy, scan, staple, hole punch, and fold documents. Our LIBORANGE and LIBBLUE copiers print in color as well as black and white. You may also print using specialty paper, which can be purchased from NicMedia by visiting the Library Tech Assistant window.

The pricing for each print varies by specification:

Printing Prices
  Single Sided Double Sided
Pricing is per sheet
Black & White
Color 20¢ 38¢
Specialty Paper Prices
Size Price Range
Pricing is per sheet
Letter (8½"x11") 1-23¢
Legal (8½"x14") 1-4¢
Tabloid (11"x17") 6-15¢
Can I use my student account to pay for NicMedia purchases?

Unfortunately, we cannot accept payments from student accounts for anything purchased in NicMedia. You must bring cash or a personal check. Alternatively, campus budget numbers can be used by faculty or staff representing a department or members representing an on-campus club or organization.

The library has a 3D Printer?

Yes, the Nicholson Library has a 3D printer that you can use. Visit the 3D Printer Operation page for instructions on how to use it.
The printer is only compatible with single color PLA.

Price: Free for 2023-24 Academic Year

Media Conversions & Duplication

It is possible to convert old media to digital files or discs at the Nicholson Library. A self-service option can be found in the Deubach Lab or you can request conversion services from Jared. Self-service conversions and conversions to digital formats are available at no cost.

Convertible Formats
Blu-Rays, CDs, & DVDs
Cassette Tapes
Digital Files
DV & Mini-DV Cassettes
Floppy Disks (3.5" Only)
Microfiche & Microfilm
Reel-to-Reel (Audio)
U-Matic Video Cassettes
VHS & VHS-C Cassettes
Video 8/8mm Cassettes

Have something that doesn't fit in this list? Let us know and we may be able to help.


Jared Hutchens, Library Technology Specialist

Jared Hutchens

Library Technology Specialist