Faculty FAQs About Reserves

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Reserve Request Form

What types of material can be placed on electronic reserve?

  • Articles, book chapters, and essays owned by Nicholson Library in print or through databases
  • Articles, book chapters, and essays not owned by the Library for which the faculty member has received permission from the copyright owner
  • Faculty-generated items (outlines, study guides, rubrics, etc.)
  • Student papers (written permission letter from student required) and sample exams from previous classes

Can books still be placed on reserve?

Yes, we will place books on the reserve shelf behind the Circulation Desk. Books from the Nicholson Library collections and books owned by faculty members can be placed in this collection during the term the class is offered. Copyright law forbids us from scanning books (or large portions of books), into the electronic reserve system.

What types of materials cannot be placed on reserve?

  • Reference books
  • Bound periodicals
  • Workbooks and other consumable library materials
  • Books borrowed from other libraries

How do I place items on reserve?

To place an item on reserve, you must fill out a request form (available online or at the Circulation Desk). Forms can be sent online or submitted to James Bell at the Circulation Desk. A complete citation must be included with each reserve request. No reserve will be posted without a complete citation.

Send emails to Heather Myers.

What formats are acceptable?

  • Scanned PDFs
  • Links
  • Hard copies

Please allow adequate time for your hard copies to be returned through campus mail.


Send emails to Heather Myers.

When should I submit items for the Reserve Desk?

To be sure material is ready for your students when classes start, items should be submitted two weeks before the beginning of the semester. Requests submitted after the deadline may not be ready when classes begin. Requests are processed in the order in which they are received.

How do I put media items on reserve?

Fill out either the online or printed media reserve request form.

Contact Heather Myers for media reserve questions or issues.

What happens to my reserve items at the end of semester?

Course materials are removed after each term unless the items are owned by Nicholson Library. These items can be on reserve for a longer time period.