Inventories / Finding Aids

Adcock, E F Correspondence CHOG

Anderson College Home Study Division AC

Anderson College School of Theology Library Records AC

Anderson SOT Term Papers Collection (CHOG History)

Anderson, J Grant Papers CHOG

Bixler Family Photo Album AC

Bixler, Lillian W Papers CHOG

Bixler, William A Papers CHOG

Bolitho, Axchie A Papers CHOG

Brown, Charles Ewing Papers CHOG

Byers, Andrew L Papers CHOG

Byrd, Wendell Papers CHOG

Byrum, Bessie L Papers CHOG

Byrum, E E Papers CHOG

Byrum, N H Papers CHOG

Byrum, Ruthven Holmes Papers AC

Caldwell, Emmit Papers CHOG

Church of God Board of Christian Education CHOG

Church of God Displaced Persons Committee CHOG

Commission on Christian Higher Education CHOG

Clear, Val Papers AC

Coy, Laura Sermon Notes CHOG

Coy, William Papers CHOG

Crim, Mort Papers AC

Crose, John Papers CHOG

Delaine, Thomas P Papers CHOG

Gospel Trumpet Company Records CHOG

Hartman, William Sermons CHOG

Hartselle, Cecil H Papers AC

Kilpatrick, A J Notebooks CHOG

Liverett, David Collection CHOG

Lopez, Amy Papers AC

Lovely, Denzel R Papers CHOG

Martin, Earl L Papers AC

Miller, Adam Papers AC

Missionary Board Correspondence CHOG

Morrison, John Arch Papers AC

National Women's Missionary Society CHOG

National Women's Missionary Society Papers CHOG

Newberry, Gene Papers AC

Olson, George W Sermons CHOG

Olt, Russell Papers AC

Quinn, C Lowrey Sermons CHOG

Phillips, Harold Papers CHOG

Reardon, Robert Papers AC

Riggle, H M Papers CHOG

Schemmer, Daniel Papers CHOG

School of Theology Dean Gene Newberry Correspondence AC

Sherwood, Herbert Axley Papers CHOG

Slacum, Earl Papers CHOG

Smith, F G Papers CHOG

Southern Bible Institute Records CHOG

Spanish Literature Company Correspondence CHOG

Tasker, George P Reports CHOG

Warner, D S Papers CHOG

Warren, Barney E Papers CHOG

Wilson, Charles E Papers AC

Wilson, Joseph Turner Papers AC