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Anderson University and the Church of God Movement (Anderson, IN) have a rich heritage. The Anderson University Archives focuses on collecting, organizing and preserving unpublished material, such as letters, manuscripts, and reports, so that they may be available for research. The Anderson University Archives maintains two areas of emphasis: Anderson University and the Church of God Movement (Anderson, IN).

Anderson University Collection

The Anderson University Collection emphasizes the official records of Anderson University from its 1917 inception as Anderson Bible Training School to the present. Notable collections include:

  • President John A Morrison and Robert H Reardon Papers
  • Dean Russell Olt Papers
  • University publications such as Anderson College News and The Andersonian
  • SOT Faculty Papers: Adam Miller & Gene Newberry
Church of God Movement (Anderson, IN) Collection

The Church of God Movement (Anderson, IN) Collection preserves official records and personal papers related to the history and development of the Church of God Reformation Movement. Notable collections include:

  • Early journals of D.S. Warner (1872-1880)
  • Papers of Barney E Warren, early Church of God hymn writer
  • F.G. Smith Papers, Gospel Trumpet editor (1916-1930)
  • Early records of the Gospel Trumpet Company

This collection also includes congregational and regional histories, books written by Church of God authors, books published by Gospel Trumpet Company/Warner Press, Church of God pamphlets, Christian education curriculum, and national and regional periodical such as the Gospel Trumpet.

Because the Church of God is congregational in nature, there are very few records of genealogical interest.


Nic Don Stanton-Roark, Archivist

Nic Don Stanton-Roark