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The Robert A Nicholson Library's mission is to engage students with diverse ideas and information --

  • Sparking curiosity, imagination, and collaboration
  • Fostering critical thinking and scholarship
  • Transforming them for lifelong faith and service


To realize the Library's mission, we commit to the following:

Intellectual & Learning Commitment -- Librarians are educators. They partner with teaching faculty to develop and support information literate learners who can discover, access and use information effectively for academic success, research, and lifelong learning.

Physical & Virtual Resource Commitment -- Through the organization of information and effective use of technology, the library enables users to discover information physically and virtually. The collections are sufficient in quality, depth, diversity, format, and currency to support the teaching-learning mission of the University.

Services & Spaces Commitment -- Collaborative, user-centered services are the passion of librarians. We strive to provide attractive and vibrant spaces that serve as an intellectual commons where users interact and engage with ideas and information to expand learning and facilitate the creation of new knowledge.

Professional & Relational Commitment -- The library provides professionally qualified personnel to ensure excellence in all services and operation and to function successfully in an environment of continuous change. A core value of the Nicholson Library faculty and staff is hospitality; the Library user is first considered in all that we do.

Measuring our commitments:

The staff continuously plans and carries out assessments to inform resource allocation and effective and efficient help in meeting the user’s information need.